Collision Avoidance System

Collision Avoidance System

CAS Level-8 and CAS Level-9

System Overview

EDGE3’s Collision Avoidance System integrates Radar sensors, GPS and V2V communications to provide alerts and take evasive action.

Field of View

  • Provide near 360 degree field of view
  • Provide ability for instant reaction time
  • Near-field proximity object detection
  • Far-field range detection
  • CAN-enabled circuitry
  • Proximity Sensing:
    • 0.2m – 20m
    • 0.39 m resolution, 0.1 m accuracy,
    • ±60 deg azimuth, 20 deg elevation
  • Farther range + vehicle/object tracking:
    • 20m – 250m
  • Provide V2P and V2V alerts as well

Mesh-Emergent AI

  • Intelligent network of trucks
  • Fleet-wide data sharing
  • Every asset status includes:
    • GPS
    • Heading
    • Speed
    • Road information
    • Statuses of other vehicles
  • Asset collaboration
  • Advanced mesh-emergent AI
  • Entire Mine obstacle/road map
  • Real-time routing updates
  • Adaptive and aware network of assets

Trifecta Fusion

Trifecta provides contextual awareness of operator behavior in cabin as well as out-of-cabin vehicle operation. Trifecta’s context, coupled with the additional data from the Collision Avoidance System, enables a more comprehensive approach to operator safety.

Driver AHC78 in P109 had a near collision event with P111 while severely drowsy.
In-cabin alert activated, Dispatch notified, Email sent to supervisor

CAS + Telematics

False positives are mitigated with the fusion of CAS and Telematics


V2V communications

Data exchange via V2V network enables further false alert mitigation.