TRIFECTA: Transportation Logistics Mining

The EDGE3 Trifecta uses a ground-breaking solution that identifies in-vehicle behaviors of occupants, be they drivers or passengers and integrates Collision Avoidance as part of a cohesive product




Fatigue and dozing off

Occupant Seating

Occupant seating


Vandalizing cabin






Cellphone use


Seatbelt compliance


Violent behavior


Children/pets left behind




Unauthorized occupant



Automotive, Transportation, Logistics and Mining

Vertically Integrated Product

Real-Time AI Component

Realtime pre-drowsiness detection. Fusing eye tracking, telematics and DriverID to quickly track and alert occupants and customers for various in-cabin incidents

Cloud AI

One of the pioneers of self-architecting AIs, EDGE3’s patented driver monitoring systems design and spawn specialist AIs capable of handling different in-cabin conditions.

Patented in 2010 and deployed in the automotive and transportation industries, EDGE3’s AutoML systems represent some of the indigenous tech behind EDGE3’s success in driver monitoring and in-cabin analytics.

An Architect AI, trained on understanding confusing scenes, assesses data coming into the overall system. If the AI deems a scene to be confusing enough for behavior recognition, a specialist AI is autonomously spawned and trained to address the specific challenge. This process is repeated for as many times as necessary, improving the accuracy of driver behavior recognition.

Cloud Service

Analyzes trends showing when infractions occur. Severe Drowsiness is mostly likely to occur around 3:30am based on polar plot data by time of day for the example above.

24/7/365 HSE


Staffed 24/7/365 with HSE technical staff + sw and hw engineers.

Staff are trained HSE experts in occupant behavior analysis. Supporting Customers for fatigue and distraction events, as well as hardware related issues.

EDGE3 Hardware

All hardware components are IP69 rated. Tested in -20C to 60C environments. Operated in rugged, heavy vibration environments. Full product demonstration available upon request.

Multiple deployed hardware products to support end-to-end Trifecta solution when needed.

In-house design, manufacturing and hardware assembly at EDGE3 HQ in Arizona.

Hardware Installation

As part of the end-to-end EDGE3 product offering, EDGE3 technicians and technical staff members offer installation services for customers. This includes installs on various assets.

In Mining, trucks with EDGE3 hardware include CAT 785, CAT 789, CAT 793,  Liebherr T264, Kenworth C509, Powertrans T1250, Scania R6x4, Scania R620, Iveco Acco, Mack Granite, Volvo FH16 and Komatsu.

EDGE3 can also support and train customer technicians as well as customer-authorized local installers for them to install the hardware themselves.